I don't really know what to put here. i guess this will be very convoluted...


As i said before, i'm Tobias. my pronouns are he/him, ve/ver, it/its, kira/kira's, and ro/rot.

I'm a minor. i live in America.

My birthday is october 1st, making me a libra sun.

my favorite things are all on another page.

i have a cat. his name is king arthur.

i have ADHD and BPD. self dx while in the process of getting a proper medical diagnosis. though, my therapist and doctor both agree with me on my dx's.

i'm otherkin.. God, vampire, and dog to be specific. my headspaces are seperate. God is almost always active, as it's my default headspace.

my main hobbies are writing, drawing, and gaming.

my current writing project is a book called "MEW!". it's on wattpad, if you're interested in checking it out.

my current favorite games are Animal Crossing and Project Diva.

i have a SH addiction, am ednos, and as above mentioned bipolar.

i believe thats all... i'll update if i think of anything else to add.


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